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How to Decorate With Candle Wall Sconces

Candle wall sconces are metal wall hangings featuring holders for one or several candles. Wall sconces are a decorative addition to a room, and they also provide gentle lighting when candles are lit. Decorating with candle wall sconces involves more than picking a random spot on the wall and deciding to hang the sconce there. With planning and thought, the candle wall sconce can significantly add to the room's decorative appeal.

Make an impression. Combine several wall sconces into a group that will really stand out. Place two or more smaller candle wall sconces on either side of a large one for an impressive focal point. Such a grouping can be used in place of a large picture or print.

Go for balance. Using one large and two smaller candle wall sconces, create a focal point. Find the middle of the wall or hanging area, and hang the large candle wall sconce. Measure down from the top of the large sconce to determine the desired height of the smaller sconces. Keep the smaller sconces at the same height. Measure out from the center to evenly space the two smaller sconces, one on each side of the larger sconce.

Call attention to frames. Use two identical candle wall sconces to accentuate a framed work of art, picture or decorative mirror. The placement of the wall sconces attract the eye to the framed work, making it a focal point. Measure out from the top of the painting to ensure the sconces are at the same height, and from the edge of the frame to make sure they're spaced correctly. For a contrasting look, place one sconce near the top of the frame, and the sconce on the other side near the bottom.

Match it up. Choose candle wall sconces that match the room's decor. Wall sconces are available in a wide variety of materials and colors, from bronze to black and everything in between. The style of the sconce should also match the rest of the room. Straight and square styles go with modern decor, while intricately detailed, curved sconces go better with traditional decorating.


Use scented candles to create a pleasing aroma to go with the elegant decor.


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
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