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How to Decorate the Hospital Room of a Loved One for Christmas

Spending the Christmas season stuck in a hospital room is far from being a pleasant experience. It’s not a very enjoyable experience to visit there either; it can be quite depressing. If your loved one is going to be in the hospital over the holiday season, they won’t be able to experience all of the beautiful Christmas decorations that the rest of the world gets to see. Bring in some cheer and decorate their hospital room for them. It will be sure to give them a wonderful happy feeling knowing that you went out of your way to do something special for them.

Pick up a small Christmas tree for the room. It will be perfect to put on a counter or on a nightstand. There are also small ornaments that you can buy that will fit perfectly on the tree. It will look just like a regular Christmas tree, just downsized.

Bring in a nativity set. They are important around Christmastime, and many people don’t consider it the holiday season until they have one up. If your loved one is religious, it may inspire him to have something as important as a nativity set in the room.

If you bring food in for her to eat, serve it on Christmas paper plates. Many people use them in their homes during the holiday season. A little touch of normalcy, even if it means using plates that they would use at home, may help your loved one feel a bit more included in the holiday celebrations and less like she's stuck in a hospital room. You can leave the plates there and use them whenever you bring food in.

Hang a small wreath on the window. It is always a perfect decoration that cheers up any room. Make sure that it isn’t so big that it doesn’t block your loved one's view out the window.

Bring in a couple of poinsettia plants. They are a sure sign of Christmas. They will also add a nice touch of color and greenery into the room.


Make sure to ask the nursing station first what decorations are allowed in the room. Some hospitals can be strict with how many decorations that you put in the room.


  • Don’t put any decorations on top of or on the machines. The decorations will only be in the way if the nurse or doctors need to get to the machines.
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