How to Decorate Old Wooden Sleds

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Things You'll Need

  • Vintage sled
  • Paint
  • Painting supplies
  • Paper images
  • Decoupage supplies
  • Wooden cutouts
  • Wood adhesive
  • Stencils
  • Stencil brush and paint
  • Garland or wreath
  • Natural decorative items
  • Ribbon
  • Rustic baskets
  • Pine cones
  • Candles

Embellish an old wooden sled with ornamental trimmings to add a vintage decorating boost to your winter holiday decor. Choose decorative items in assorted textures and colors to draw attention to your one-of-a-kind sled. Create an attractive display of two or more sleds in varying heights for increased holiday appeal.

Apply a fresh coat of paint to the rudders and other areas of your sled that look particularly worn, or you can cover the entire sled with new paint if you prefer. Select bright red or green hues for a burst of traditional Christmas color, or cover your sled in creamy ivory or pristine white paint for a clean, wintry look.

Attach paper images to the sleds with a crafty decoupage technique, or glue on holiday-inspired wooden cutouts to decorate your sled if you prefer. Choose images, such as winter scenes, Christmas trees, a Santa Clause, candy canes or reindeer, to tie your home's holiday decorating theme to the old sleds. Paint Christmas-related stencils on the sled, in addition to or instead of the wooden cutouts or decoupaged pictures.

Wrap the sled in natural or faux garland or hang a fresh holiday evergreen wreath around the top of the sled. Purchase the garland or wreath from a local craft store, florist or nursery. You can also add a homemade touch by making the garland and wreath from natural elements, such as branches, vines and evergreen branches, you find in your yard.

Gather decorative items, such as dried fruits, red-and-green gingham ribbons, pine cones and cinnamon sticks, to bring a bit of the outdoors to your holiday sled display. Tuck these items into the wreath or garland or fasten them directly to the sled with a pretty ribbon.

Decorate the area around your sled to enhance the festive appeal. If you have more than one sled, arrange them against a bare wall with the tallest sled in the back. Surround the sleds with rustic twig baskets filled with pine cones and place decorative candles on top of nearby accent tables or a fireplace mantel.


  • Place candles in glass or metal containers and never leave burning candles unattended. If you have small children or pets, place burning candles completely out of their reach.



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