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Crafts Using Vinyl Tablecloths

Examples of vinyl tablecloth patterns.
pile de tissus image by cris13 from Fotolia.com

With homeowners pinching their pennies a little tighter these days, it makes no sense to throw away something as infinitely reusable as a vinyl tablecloth. Durable and simple to clean, crafters everywhere are developing creative and valuable ways to recycle vinyl tablecloths into so many different areas of life, from shopping to decorating. All you need is a creative mind and an old vinyl tablecloth to get started.

Totes and Aprons

Turn vinyl tablecloths into reusable shopping bags or beach totes. The simple-to-clean vinyl surface is perfect for quick cleanups, is stain resistant and waterproof, while the funky patterns add artistic interest and personality. Use seasonal patterns to reflect your holiday spirit or bright, colorful patterns for a one-of-a-kind waterproof beach tote that is perfect for tossing in wet towels and swimsuits. You need to find a pattern that fits your design idea and purchase a tablecloth large enough to include enough fabric for the tote as well as any pockets or straps. Use snaps, zippers, or ribbons to keep the bag closed. Cardboard inserts strengthen the bottom of the tote and help it sit flat to prevent spills. In addition to totes and bags, recycled tablecloths make excellent aprons for cooking, cleaning or painting.

Outdoor Comfort

Cut vinyl tablecloths down to create double-sided cushion covers for your outdoor furniture. Similar to the vinyl cushions used for recreational vehicles, your custom made vinyl cushion covers provide outdoor comfort while matching your own individual style and helping you get every bit of your dollar’s worth out of your old tablecloths. Change things up a bit by using a tablecloth with a different pattern for the backside of the cushion to make reversible cushion covers. Vinyl tablecloth cushion covers can even replace worn or dated looking cushions on patio furniture. Consider making a few cushions to take with you fishing or to the next football game to make those hard bleachers a little more comfortable.

Table Runners

Cut one large vinyl tablecloth into strips to create matching table runners for birthday parties and craft sales or displays. Easter prints are ideal for festive kids’ parties or spring galas while tropical prints complement a luau or vacation-style party.

Cover Ups

Using vinyl tablecloths to cover boxes is the perfect way to make simple-to-clean toy boxes, art supply kits and trays. The vinyl surface makes these materials, commonly used in or around messy areas, a breeze to clean. One way to cover an item is to wrap the box or item in the same manner as you would a gift.

Accent Art

Some tablecloths with interesting patterns and color schemes double as wall art. You can hang one in a large frame for a focal point or use smaller sections to coordinate picture frames and plaques. Attach some string and corkboard to make a note pad and picture board. Use a large tablecloth and markers to turn a vinyl tablecloth into an area rug for a child’s room. You can create a variety of designs, ranging from faux animal prints, road maps and towns for race cars, or sidewalk games like hopscotch, marbles and tic-tac-toe.

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