How to Decorate & Make a Bed With Euro Pillows

Decorating the bedroom can be done quickly, and on a budget, with the simple addition of Euro pillows. Often used by home stagers who are preparing a house for sale, these pillows are square and measure 26 by 26 inches. Coordinated with other pillows, Euro pillows create a sophisticated look for the bedroom.

Things You'll Need

  • Euro Pillows
  • Euro Pillow Shams
  • Throw Pillows
  • Standard Pillows (Queen- Or King-Sized)

Look at images of Euro pillows in bedroom decoration. Beach House Designs (see Resources below) has images of several styles of Euro pillows, including decorative pillows that must be spot-cleaned and shams that decorators can fill with filler. Examine the ways in which Euro pillows can be used—to brighten up a bedding set, provide contrast, add height to the bed and even serve as an impromptu headboard.

Determine a use for your Euro pillows. If you are placing other pillows in front of it, and will not be in contact with the Euro pillows, you have more options because the Euro pillow will not require frequent washing. If you wish to use the Euro pillows as back or neck support, you should cover the Euro pillows in washable cases or shams.

Create a pillow arrangement. Go shopping and play around with display pillows to hit upon the perfect mix. Many people use two Euro pillows along the headboard and then place a full set of standard sized pillows (either queen or king size) in front. Shams and cases can add height and width to the presentation if they have trim.

Cover the two Euro pillows and place them vertically against the wall or headboard. Set two sleeping pillows (in their cases) in front of the Euro pillows. The pillowcases can be a complementary color or they can have a pattern that accents the color on the covers of the other pillows. Place two more pillows, covered in shams, in front of the sleeping pillows. Push them upright.

Add throw pillows in different shapes and sizes. These should not be covered because they are tossed off the bed at bedtime. Because they are decorative, use the throw pillows to add visual pop to the bedding set. They can pick up a color established by the Euro pillows, but also add something extra, such as tassels, pom pom trim, glittery embroidery, bold patterns, retro designs, textured fabric or beading.


  • For a king size bed, you may want to begin with four Euro pillows.


  • Shams and pillowcases for Euro pillows tend to be pricier than those for standard pillow sizes.