How to Dance the Minuet

Dance the Minuet

How to Dance the Minuet. Back in the 1900s, dancing was used to teach children etiquette and how to deal with the opposite sex in social situations. The minuet was usually the starting dance and was used as a basis for all other dances.

Face your partner, the man bows to the woman and the woman curtsies to the man at the same time.

Facing forward, the lady places her left hand on the gentleman's right hand.

Using the right foot to start, both partners take small steps, right foot then left foot, then the right foot again. Point the left toes and tap them 3 times.

Repeat the step sequence in Step 3 three times.

Face your partner again and curtsy or bow.

Turn in the opposite direction and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

Continue adding more steps to the dance as you master these first few steps.

Do not rush this dance. It is a beautiful slow dance and should be treated that way. You will be dancing with many different partners as this dance is done usually in a group.


Minuets are slow, usually in 4/4 time. There are more than 100 different steps to this dance. Always let the man lead. This might be tough for some women, but the dance will not look correct unless the male leads.

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