How to Dance the Jerk

How to Dance the Jerk. The Jerk is a fun dance from the Sixties. It is perhaps not as well-known as another Sixties dance, The Twist, but no less fun to do. What are you waiting for? Put on some good Sixties music, grab your partner and do The Jerk. Read this eHow and you're golden.

Stand in a fighter's stance facing your partner with your feet apart and your knees bent to begin the Jerk dance. Hold your hands so that they are out on either side of your body, with your hands about level with your face.

Bend forward with your body toward your partner and turn to your left. As you do so, cross your hands before you at the wrists. The hands should still be held up at the same level. Remember to bob your head forward also as you bend your body.

Straighten your body and spread your hands wide again.

Lean forward again toward your partner, turn to the center, and cross your hands before you. Bo your head as you bend forward.

Raise yourself up straight again, spread your arms wide, then repeat the above steps to the right.

Vary the steps by snapping your fingers as you throw out your hands.

Check out the dance in a mirror. You should look like a jerky monkey conducting a band. The dance is actually a combination of the popular dance, The Monkey, and sweeping arm gestures.

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