How to Cut Closed Cell Foam

Things You'll Need

  • Closed cell foam sheets (one thin sheet and one at least as thick as the item you want to protect or display)
  • Pencil
  • X-acto knife
  • Heat gun or spray adhesive

Using closed cell foam is a terrific way to protect your tools or protect and display your collectibles and holiday ornaments. Imagine a toolbox with closed cell foam inserts cut out to fit your valuable tools just right. Or a protective case for your collectibles, with each precious item tucked into its own cutout. Closed cell foam is inexpensive and easy to cut once you know how to do it.

Cut both the thick and thin closed cell foam sheets down to the size you need with your X-acto knife. For example, if you'll be putting them in a toolbox drawer, measure the length and width of the drawer, and cut the two sheets so they fit inside perfectly.

Draw the shape of the object you want to protect on the thicker of the two closed cell foam sheets. If it's a drill, lay the drill on the sheet and trace it.

Use your X-acto knife to cut along the outline you just traced.

Lay the thicker piece of foam on top of the intact thin piece, which will be the backing. Lift the thick piece and apply the heat gun to the surfaces of both sheets. Let the thick layer fall back into place, and press or roll firmly to adhere the thick layer of foam to the thin layer on the bottom.

If you don't have a heat gun, you can also use spray adhesive from the craft store to adhere the two pieces together. Spray only the thick sheet, press it firmly onto the thin sheet, then weigh it down with books or bricks until it dries.


  • You can use this type of custom-made foam protection for tools, collectibles and holiday ornaments.


  • Be careful when using the heat gun. You just need to heat the surfaces of the foam sheets for them to stick together; you don't need the foam to melt.