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How to Throw a Foam Party

Foam parties encourage interaction between guests.
Florin Capilnean/Hemera/Getty Images

A foam party, a fun event for college events, nightclubs and private parties, involves using a foam machine to cover the dance floor with several feet of foam. Party-goers dance the night away as they slosh around in the foam. If you're considering hosting a foam party, you'll need to consider a few important party elements.

Safe Foam

Research foam and foam companies. Some foam solutions contain chemicals that may irritate the skin or eyes of event-goers. For this reason, it's critical that you look for foam that is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It may cost more, but it's safer for party-goers. According to NBC's "Today" show, in 2012, 40 people went to the emergency room because of burning eyes and irritation from a foam party at a Florida nightclub.

Select a Venue

Foam is made of a mixture of water and soap, which means you have to choose an appropriate venue that won't get damaged. Covering the walls and floors with plastic may not be enough to prevent foam from seeping through. If the venue has walls made of plaster or floors made of hardwood, the foam can end up ruining the interior. A venue with cement flooring is a good option, but line the floor with old carpet to prevent slipping and to provide cushion if someone falls.

Rules for Safety

While promoting your foam party and getting the word out, include safety information. Tell guests to leave electronic devices and cellphones at the coat check or in their cars. Advise party-goers that games such as "slip and slide" are not permitted because of potential collision and injury. While you might not implement a dress code, you may want to recommend that your guests wear protective footwear. Guests will likely get their feet stepped on so flip-flops are not an ideal choice.

A Cleanup Plan

Party foam eventually turns into soapy residue, so have a cleanup plan prepared. Ask a couple of people to volunteer to help clean after the party. Purchase a few mops and squeegees from your local supply store and plan to mop up all the water and residue to return the venue back to its pre-party condition. Cleanup may include bringing furniture back in and putting it in its place, removing protective plastic from certain areas, and reconnecting all plugs and extension cords.

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