How to Customize Hershey Bars

Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Printer
  • Printer paper

Personalized candy wrappers are the perfect way to customize a Hershey's candy bar for a wedding, a gift, Halloween or any event. Add personal images, messages or art to transform an ordinary Hershey bar into a custom treat. With only a couple clicks of your mouse and some printer paper, customizing your own candy bar is easy.

Go to the Web site Check out the available template options and pick one to use to customized your Hershey bar. Remember to select from "standard wrappers" if you have a full-size candy bar and the "mini" wrappers to choose for mini Hershey bars. Click on the link below the template thumbnail to open it in a new window. Right-click on the template and "copy" it onto your computer clipboard.

Open Adobe Photoshop and click "File + New" to open a new blank document, which should automatically be the same size as your copied image. Click "Edit + Paste" to paste the copied image template into the new blank page in Photoshop.

Decide what you want to do with the candy wrapper template in Photoshop: use the template design in full and just add your own text or image to it, or start from scratch using only the size of the template as your inspiration. If you plan to only add your text and image to the full template design, simply use the "T" icon in Photoshop to add your own text. Click "file + print" when you're done to print your wrapper and tape it around your candy bar. If you plan to start from scratch, proceed to Step 4.

Use the solid rectangle icon in Photoshop's left-hand toolbar to draw a rectangle over each section of the template. Draw separate rectangles over each section so that you can still tell where the creases will be. Leave a little bit of the original template showing for your creases. Use the color-boxes at the bottom of the toolbar to change the color of the squares you draw, which will be the background colors of your wrapper.

Add text to your candy wrapper using the "T" icon in the toolbar. Change the color and style of the text using the text toolbar that appears at the top of Photoshop once text is selected. Add an image to your wrapper by selecting "file + open" to open a digital image on your computer and then dragging and dropping that image onto your wrapper template. Click "file + print" to print as many wrappers as you'd like for your Hershey bars.


  • and have even more options of free printable candy wrappers.


  • Do not remove the original Hershey bar wrapping. The original contains nutritional information, ingredients listings and expiration dates that some find important.