How to Cross Stitch on Plastic Canvas

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic canvas project
  • Yarn
  • Large eye needle

The cross stitch is one of the most widely used needlepoint stitches. It is used to fill in entire pictures or portions of a needlepoint project and can be used on plastic canvas. For example, when doing a cross stitch you work across 4 squares of the canvas; which is a little different than an Aida cloth, for instance.

Insert needle from behind the canvas at point A on the left-hand bottom side.

Pull the yarn through all the way. Pull the yarn over the center of the 4 squares on the diagonal toward the right-hand upper corner. This is a half cross stitch.

Continue with a line of this half cross stitch all the way down the row. If you have more rows to do continue on with them, stitching from left to right.

Number 2

Start at the upper left-hand square and stitch down into the square or hole on the right as shown with the red on drawing number 2. The cross is formed.

Continue stitching down the row to form the full cross stitches. You may come to the end of your piece of yarn and will need to re-thread the needle.


  • Remember to always go in the same direction, left to right.


  • If you make a mistake take it apart right away then re-do it.