How to Crochet Dream Catchers

Things You'll Need

  • 5-inch metal ring, or flexible twig bent to form a 5-inch circle
  • Size 6 crochet hook
  • Size 10 crochet thread

Dream catchers are attractive crafted decorations whose design is widely believed to be based on Native American legend. While the origin of the dream catcher is unclear, dream-catcher makers agree that these decorations should be hung near the owner's bed, where they may keep bad dreams away or save good dreams. Constructing a dream catcher perfectly may take practice, but crocheters with patience and persistence can produce a dream catcher in a few hours.

Chain 1; then stitch 32 single-crochet stitches. Join the last single crochet stitch to the chain with a slip stitch. This is round 1.

Chain 10. In the second chain from the hook, single crochet; then do a half-double crochet in the next chain. Double crochet in the next seven stitches. Returning to round 1, skip one single crochet; then slip stitch into the next single crochet. Repeat from the beginning to step 3 all the way around, forming a total of 16 points to finish round 2.

Gauge the size of the two completed rounds to be 3 inches wide. If your stitches produce rounds that are too large, switch to a smaller crochet hook and start over. If your stitches produce rounds that are too small, switch to a larger crochet hook and start over.

Slip stitch to the first point. Chain one; then single crochet in same stitch. Chain five; then slip stitch into the single crochet you just made. Chain 13; then slip stitch into the fifth chain from the hook. Chain eight to complete the first point of round 3.

Continue round 3 with a single crochet in the end of the next point. Chain five; then slip stitch into the single crochet you just made. Chain 13, slip stitch into the fifth chain from hook, then chain eight. Repeat this sequence to complete a total of 16 points in round 3. Join the last point to the first point with a slip stitch into the first single crochet. Finish off the thread by tying it off, cutting the thread, and threading the trailing end back into the piece.

Attach the crochet dream-catcher center to the hoop. Chain 15 inches. Wind the chain between outer points of round 3 and the hoop. Where the ends of the chain meet, tie a knot; then wind in reverse so that trailing ends are 1 to 2 inches apart. Tie one feather to each trailing end. Feathers will dangle below the completed dream catcher.

Tie a bit of ribbon to the hoop opposite the trailing ends as a hanger. Hang the dream catcher near your bed or give as a gift.


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