How to Crochet a Star Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • G crochet hook
  • Scissors

Star-shaped blankets can be crocheted with several colors or just one. Crocheting a star blanket is just a repeating pattern all the way around until the blanket is as large as you want it. A crocheted star blanket makes a nice gift idea for a baby shower. It is just the right size for a baby or toddler. Create your own star blanket to use as a decorative throw for a couch or chair.

Create a slip stitch on your crochet hook by wrapping the yarn around it and hooking into the yarn to pull it through the loop. Make a chain of five links by pulling the yarn through your slip stitch five times. Connect your chain with a slip stitch by putting your hook through the last chain and pulling the yarn through both your loops on the hook. You will have a ring out of your chain.

Make a double crochet stitch in the first chain. Make a chain of three links. Double crochet in the first chain again. Make a chain of three links again. Repeat this until you have five holes in a rounded pattern.

Make a chain of three. Double crochet two stitches, then a chain of two. Double crochet three times and skip two loops. Make three double crochets and a chain of two. Double crochet three times again and skip two loops. Repeat three double crochets again with a chain of two and three double crochet stitches to complete the round.

Make a slip stitch in your next loop to build up your next row. Make a chain of three. Double crochet six stitches, make a chain of two links, double crochet three stitches and skip two loops. Continue this pattern until you complete this round.

Make a slip stitch in the next loop and make a chain of three to move up to your next row. Continue the same stitching pattern until your blanket is as large as you want it. The number of double crochet stitches will increase as your star points get longer.

Pull the yarn through your loop on the hook and cut it off with the scissors a few inches from your hook. Pull the strand of yarn tight to secure the end, completing your blanket. Weave in the yarn end into the stitches to hide it.


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