How to Crochet a Baby Cocoon

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Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook, size K
  • 4 balls lightweight yarn
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

When baby comes home from the hospital, add an extra layer of warmth by wrapping him in a soft, snuggly cocoon. Creating a baby cocoon is a project that can be completed easily as long as you have basic crocheting skills and can read a crochet pattern. The cocoon can function both as a blanket to keep baby warm and as a great photography prop to capture the newborn photos. Since the cocoon is also enclosed at the end it will keep the baby's limbs close, thus reducing the chance of the baby moving quickly and waking himself up.

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Begin crocheting by chaining nine. Start the second row by stitching a single crochet in the second chain. Continue to single crochet in the next six. Once you get to the last chain, stitch three single crochet in the last chain of the row. Place a marker in the middle of the three single crochets you just crocheted. Turn your work to the opposite side and stitch a single crochet in the next six stitches. Single crochet two in the last stitch to complete that row. Place another marker in the last single crochet. This completes 18 single crochet. Do not join your work, but continue to work in a continuous round, moving the markers for each round.

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Start the next round. Continue to single crochet in each stitch. Stop when you reach the chain before the stitch marker and do two single crochets in that stitch. Single crochet in the marked chain. Continue to follow this step one additional time for a total of 20 single crochet for this round.

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Repeat step two until you have done a total of 54 single crochet.

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Crochet the body of the cocoon. Continue working off of the 54 single crochet until the cocoon reaches 21 inches in length.

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Cut the end of the yarn and finish the cocoon by weaving in the end of the yarn with your yarn needle.


  • Fold over the edge of the cocoon to create a cuff if the cocoon is longer than your baby. You can also modify this pattern to add a hood on the top of the cocoon and create a longer cocoon depending on the length of your baby.


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