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How to Create Your Own ''Avatar: the Last Airbender'' Character

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” features a massive world where armies face off on land and sea as parties of young heroes strike back against their foes. The television series focuses on the exploits of Aang, an airbender who freezes himself for 100 years to avoid the pressure of being the avatar. Fans of the television series may want to create their own character to imagine the experiences of living in the four nations of the Avatar world or flesh out their existing warrior from the "Avatar: Legends of the Arena" game in Nickelodeon's Nick Arcade.

Choose your nation of birth. The nations determine what bending ability, the power to manipulate a single element, the character may possess and form a large part of their personality. Firebenders populate the Fire Nation and are quick to anger. Citizens of the Earth Kingdom are as strong and sturdy as the earth they bend. The members of the Water Tribe live at the north and south poles, and their warm hearts help bend water and ice. Airbenders dwell in vast temples built into high mountains; they are carefree and nomadic.

Decide what role your character fills in the world. Is he a fighter, like Jet or Sokka, or does he manipulate the elements? You may even choose a less active role, such as the poor cabbage merchant, who provides comic relief throughout the television series.

Determine your character’s gender. This is purely an aesthetic choice in the world of "Avatar," as both men and women hold power in all of the kingdoms and some of the most dangerous people in the world are girls.

Create your appearance. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" characters often have very striking or noticeable appearances. Zuko is defined by his facial scar, Katara’s hair loops are part of her charm, and Aang’s airbender tattoos mark him as the current avatar. Other characters also sport telltale appearances such as King Bumi’s gap teeth and twitchy eye or the tattoos on Jun’s arm.

Select clothing, arms or armor from the fictional world. Remember that your character will likely wear the clothes of his nation. Fire Nation members wear tight-fitting armors fit with metal parts, whereas the clothes of Airbenders flow freely and billow in the wind. Earth Nation soldiers wear military uniforms adorned with the green coin, and Water Tribe members wear furs and wield weapons made from the animals of the polar regions.


  • While many companies allow creation of fan characters and stories, attempting to profit from these is a violation of copyright and may result in legal action. Avoid any use of your "Avatar: The Last Airbender" character for purposes other than free fan works.
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