How to Convert Crochet Yarn From Grams to Yards

scale image by Pontus Edenberg from

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Scale that measures in grams or ounces
  • Calculator (optional)

You're looking through your stash of yarn for enough yarn to crochet a hat and scarf. You find the perfect yarn--a soft, muted tone that goes perfectly with your new coat. But there is no label, so you do not know if the yarn is enough to finish the project. However, if you have a scale, you can easily figure out how much yarn you have.

Measure and cut a yard of yarn.

Weigh the yarn on the scale and write down the weight. For example, a yard may weigh 2 grams.


Weigh the rest of the yarn. For example, the yarn may weigh 48 grams.


Divide the weight of the yarn by the weight of the yard to determine how many yards you have. In our example, 48 grams divided by 2 grams equals 24 yards.



  • This measurement is only as accurate as your scale. For another way to find this measurement, wrap the yarn around an 18-inch piece of cardboard, and then count the wraps to learn how many yards there are.