How to Convert a Map to a Drawing

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Things You'll Need

  • Map
  • Copy machine
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Window
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Pen

Maps are extremely helpful, especially when driving in locations that you are not familiar with. For whatever reason, however, you may want to convert your map into a drawing. This could be for a school project, or perhaps you just like the look and feel of a hand-drawn map. Whatever the reason is, you can convert your map to a drawing with a few specific tools and a fairly steady hand.

Make a photocopy of the map you want to convert to a drawing. If at all possible use a thin, lightweight paper such as tracing paper or newsprint. Do not use colored paper or anything thick.

Hold a blank piece of paper over the map and press it against a window with light shining through it. You should see the map through the paper.

Tape the two pieces of paper against the glass. Place tape on all four sides to give a secure hold.

Trace the map with a pencil. Stay in one area until you have completed it, and work your way outward. Do not remove the drawing or the map from the glass until you are sure you have finished with the tracing.

Draw over the pencil lines with a pen if you want to make the drawing more permanent. Once the ink has dried, run an eraser over the drawing to remove any pencil marks left behind.


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