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How to Contact a Movie Producer

A movie producer is an individual responsible for organizing all aspects of a film's production, from raising funds to finding a distributor. They are important people to know for those looking to work on a production or looking to have their work produced. However, they are difficult to contact due to their busy schedules and their selectivity.

Locate a producer that can help with exactly what you're looking for. Many producers have particular markets they specialize in, such as independent films, specific genres or direct-to-DVD. Finding a producer who will be interested in what you have to offer is key.

Locate the producer's contact information. The producer will most likely have offices where he can be contacted. Searching online is an easy way to locate this information.

Send an email to the producer detailing why you're contacting him. Give the producer at least a week to respond before following up.

Mail the producer a script. If you're a writer, you can mail your script, along with a letter, to the office. A hard copy script is good because it gives the producer the opportunity to read it at his convenience.

Call the office. This is the hardest way to contact a producer, but it is still worth a try. Call early or late in the day. Most producers' schedules take them out of the office during the middle of the day.

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