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How to Connect Your X Rocker Video Gaming Chair to Your PS3

The X Rocker gaming chair provides an immersive gaming experience by offering a comfortable seating surface with integrated speakers that output in-game audio. Connecting the X Rocker to your PlayStation 3 console can get complicated since high-definition video from the PS3 is output via HDMI cable but the X Rocker only allows for analog inputs. However, the PS3 allows you to output video and audio from multiple cables, allowing you to integrate the X Rocker into your entertainment system.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ps3 Av Cable
  • Female Y-Adapter

Connect the PS3 AV cable into the AV port on the back of the PS3 console.

Insert the 3.5mm end of the female Y-adapter (included with X Rocker) into the “Input” port on the X Rocker chair.

Connect the red and white connectors from the PS3 AV cable into the corresponding red and white connectors on the X Rocker’s Y-adapter.

Power on your PS3, scroll to the “Settings” tab and select “Sound Settings.”

Select “Audio Output Settings.”

Select “Audio Input Connector/SCART/AV MULTI” as your connector.

Select “Audio Multi-output” and set it to “On” to enable it. Your PS3 will then output audio through both the HDMI cable to your TV and AV cable to the X Rocker.


If you currently have your PS3 connected to your TV with an HDMI cable, leave it connected and do not change the video settings to allow the PS3 to continue to output video digitally.

If you do not have your PS3 connected with an HDMI cable, connect the yellow video connector from the AV cable to the corresponding composite video port on your TV.

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