How to Clean a Four-Wheeler

Things You'll Need

  • Tire cleaner with bleach or etching acid cleaner
  • Tire shining spray (with no harsh chemicals)
  • Synthetic polish detailer/wax (for plastic)
  • Pressure washer or water hose
  • Soft brush
  • Car wash soap
  • Bucket
  • Polishing cloth

Is your four-wheeler a mess after taking it through the woods? Mud just seems to stick to everything. It is almost impossible to clean it right after the ride, so this makes dirt and mud even harder to remove. Here’s a good way to clean it with the help of a few different cleaning products available at most auto parts stores. This should also keep the mud from sticking quite as bad the next time you ride. Here’s how:

Let your four-wheeler cool down in a shady area. You do not want to spray water or any products on a hot four-wheeler engine.

Pressure spray or hose off as much mud and dirt as possible once your engine is cool. Start with the top, working your way down. Spray front, back, and side to side. Don’t forget to spray underneath the four-wheeler. Scrub it down with a soft brush to remove the dirt that the water did not get rid of.

Wash with soap and water in a bucket. You can use the same type of soap you use to wash your car. Scrub it good, using your brush again, if necessary.

Use a cleaner such as a tire cleaner with bleach or an etching cleaner containing acid to remove stains from your hose areas. Read the directions for proper usage and handling.

Spray a shine spray underneath the four-wheeler to create a protective barrier between your newly clean four-wheeler and your next application of mud. This will hopefully make your next wash a little easier. Finish the cleaning process by rubbing the plastic with a synthetic polish on a cloth. Your four-wheeler should shine like new.


  • Process may take approximately an hour, similar to detailing a car.


  • Read directions on chemical cleaners carefully for proper application.