How to Change the Station on Muzak

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Long synonymous with elevator music, Muzak systems now offer a range of stations that play genres ranging from party music to contemporary rock and smooth jazz. Store managers may install Muzak systems in their stores to play music that creates a desired ambiance without having to change CDs or listen to annoying ads and talk. Managers can control Muzak schedules online, preventing store employees from playing their personal music or changing stations during unsupervised periods. After logging into an online system, managers can change music schedules at any time if they or their customers get tired of a particular station.

Log in to the Muzak system’s online control suite available through the official Muzak website. Use the login name and password provided with your purchase. If you forgot your login information, contact Muzak customer service for help.

Click the “library” tab in the online portal to access your available stations and songs.

Click the “music” link to view your list of stations. Click on individual stations for a list of songs each station plays.

Click the “block” button to block specific songs you find offensive or feel are played too often. Click the “request song” tab to request new songs of interest.

Click the “scheduling” tab to design the schedule of music you want your Muzak station to play. A calendar will appear. Click on each date to choose the station you want played on that date and the hours you want the station’s music to play. Music will only play on dates with a selected schedule. You can change the schedule at any time.

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