How to Camel Crochet

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook

Camel crochet is a form of crochet ribbing which allows garments to stretch. The camel stitch looks very similar to knitted ribbing, making it ideal for crocheters who don't know how to knit. When you work a regular crochet stitch, you insert your hook through the two sides of the "V" at the top of the last row. In a camel stitch, you work into the posts of the stitches or the horizontal bars in the row just underneath the "V."

Work the first row of your pattern, the stitches built off the base chain, in single crochet.

Chain one stitch and turn your work.

Insert the hook through both loops of the post, just beneath the top edge of the first stitch of the previous row.


Work one single crochet stitch. Continue across the row in this pattern.


Chain one stitch and turn your work at the end of every row. Work into the front post of every stitch in every row on both sides of the piece.