How to Buy Sheets of Tin

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Simple arts and crafts or home improvement projects may require the purchase and use of tin sheets. You can purchase tin sheet in a variety of stores; however, the scrap metal is usually left over from other projects.

Online Stores

Search on the Internet for online stores selling tin sheets. For example, you can find online whole sale stores where people and manufactures sale tin sheets. View tin sheet dimensions, prices and delivery options on the websites.

Hardware Stores and Hobby Shops

Go to a local hardware or hobby store to find and purchase tin sheets. For example, you can go to a store such as Loews, Home Depot or Pearl Arts and Crafts. Find tin sheets in different lengths and widths for your project at these stores. Request that the store cut the tin to specific dimensions if the size you need is not in stock.

The Yellow Pages

Search the Yellow Pages for “Metal' or “Sheet Metal.” Under these categories you can see listings of sheet metal shops and recycling stations where you may be able to find and purchase tin sheets or scrap metal for your project. Scrap metal shops may only sell the scrap tin sheets as is, so you may have to cut them yourself.