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Metal Detectors That Show You What You Are Digging Up First

Metal detecting is a popular hobby.
detector de metales image by Marco Antonio Fdez. from Fotolia.com

Metal detecting is a popular hobby and metal-detecting enthusiasts always delight in finding a "treasure," whether it is an old coin, an Indian artifact, a war relic or piece of valuable jewelry. There are many different different kinds of metal detectors in various price ranges. Some metal detectors can even distinguish between metals and tell you whether a coin under the ground is a quarter, dime, nickel or penny.

Metal Detectors With Different Modes

Most metal detectors have various modes you can use to tell you what kind of coin you have discovered or to distinguish types of objects. In DISC mode, for example, a detector can automatically eliminate an unwanted item. It will also tell you the approximate depth of the item. When you are looking for a specific type of metal object, you can use the "Under Notch" mode" to eliminate metals you are not interested in finding. Alternatively, you can use the "Auto Notch" mode that eliminates non-valuable metals.

LCD Digitial Display Screens And Tone Signals

Metal detectors with digital screens can detect coins, artifacts and jewelry. Some metal detectors with LCD display have a large water-proof search coil that is extremely sensitive so it can find objects that are as deep as 4 feet underground. When you want to be able to distinguish objects, use a metal detector with many levels of discrimination. Different tones will help you distinguish different kinds of metal.

Deep Processing Radar Detectors

A deep-processor radar metal detector is an advanced electromagnetic system that will allow you to amplify target signals. It then reports results on a scope screen that helps to pinpoint the center of the object. The actual radar screen--located in the detection screens--will provide information about your targeted object in a red color when indicating metal. It shows results in 3-D graphics and, by rotating your detector in any direction, allows the user to get as much information as possible about the object. 0It can detect objects of any material or substance, such as marble, wood, stone or even plastic.

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