How to Build Your Own Portable Ballet Bar

Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Ballet is a demanding art form and takes years and years of practice. Every dancer needs to work on basic technique and balance on a daily basis. Having a ballet barre to work with will help a dancer improve her skills and keep up her technique. Ballet barres are quite expensive, but you can make your own for under $20.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Pipe Glue
  • Pvc Pipe
  • Rubber End Caps
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Sander
Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Get out your measuring tape. Have the dancer lift her leg about 6 inches above hip level and take this measurement. This is the height for the ballet barre. Purchase some PVC pipes; get two sticks the height of the barre and two 4-foot-long pipes.

Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Cut one of the 4-foot pipes in half. Then cut off two 3-inch sections off each end. You should now have four 3-inch pipes and two 1½-foot pipes. Place rubber end caps on one end of each 3-inch pipe.

Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Take the 1½-foot-long pipe and drill two holes about 3 inches in from the outer edge. Make the hole wide enough for the 3-inch pipe section to fit into. Repeat with the other 1½-foot-long pipe. Then drill another hole of the same width on the top of the pipe (opposite side of the other two holes) in the center. Repeat with the other pipe.

Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Line each hole with pipe glue. Stick the small 3-inch pipes into the 1½-foot pipe. Hold in place until it dries. You may need to line the outer edges of the pipe with more glue to ensure it sticks. Repeat with the other side. Then line the top hole with glue and stick the pipe that is the height of the barre into it, and hold until dry.

Robinson Cartagena Lopez/Demand Media

Take the 4-foot-long pipe and place it over the edges of the two standalone sections. Mark where the holes need to hit and then drill them. Line the holes and fit the pipe in; hold until dry. Sand the edges of the cut pipe sections so they are smooth.


  • Make it out of sturdy but lightweight PVC pipe so it will be easy to carry and move around.


  • Don't leave the edges unfinished as a dancer can cut or scrape her legs and feet on them.