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How To Connect Two Guitar Amps Together

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Getting the right electric guitar tone is a hobby for some and a lifelong obsession for many. It requires the ability to experiment with a wide range of guitar amplifier settings. Connecting two guitar amps together is a technique that many veteran guitar players use to expand their sound. This technique allows you the ability to use two different-sounding amplifiers to create a fuller guitar tone.

Things You'll Need

  • ¼-Inch Instrument Cables (Three)
  • Y-Cable
  • Two Guitar Amplifiers
  • ¼-Inch Male-To-Male Instrument Cable Adaptor

Buy a Y-cable with ¼-inch male end and two ¼-inch female ends. You can purchase these cables anywhere music instruments or audio connectors and adaptors are sold.

Connect a ¼-inch instrument cable into each amplifiers ¼-inch input jack.

Connect the ¼-inch instrument cables from each amp into a ¼-inch female end of the Y-cable.

Connect a ¼-inch instrument cable to your guitar's input jack, then connect the other end of the instrument cable. Then connect the other end of the instrument cable into the male-to-male ¼-inch adaptor.

Connect the male end of the Y-cable to the available end of the male-to-male ¼-inch adaptor, set the volume knobs on the amplifiers to one or two, then turn on your amplifier to test.


  • Before turning your amp on, be sure the volume knobs on your amps are turned down low. This prevents loud feedback and protects your speakers from being blown.

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