How to Build Your Own Backlit Picture

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Glossy photo paper
  • Photo frame with at least 1 1/2 inches of space between the back cover and glass cover
  • Electroluminescent lamp with AC adapter
  • Hot glue gun

Backlit picture frames add accent to photographs, creating more visual interest. Backlit photo frames are available to buy, but making your own is simple and less costly. With a few supplies and and a photograph ready to frame, your backlit picture can be built in little time.

Chose a photo to use in the backlit frame. Print and re-size your picture on glossy paper so that it is the same size as the electroluminescent panel.

Remove the back cover of the picture frame. Glue the EL panel to the front side of the back cover in the very center. Lay the AC adapter to the side while the glue dries.

Place your photograph in the picture frame so that it will be centered with the EL panel. Use scotch tape to attach the photograph to the matter board of the frame. Rebuild the picture frame and feed the wire connecting the AC adapter through an edge of the back cover. Glue the AC adapter to the back of the frame.

Power on the EL panel after the glue is dry to view the backlit picture.