How to Build a Tripod Easel

Make a simple easel.
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Create an artist easel in less than two hours if you work quickly. An easel helps hold canvases to paint on or display your finished painted masterpieces. This easel is lightweight, very mobile and has an art supply holding box attached to it. It works well for outdoor painting as well.

Make a simple easel.
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Things You'll Need

  • 4 Feet Clothesline Cord
  • Drill
  • 3 Carriage Bolts, 1/4 Inch By 4 Inches, And Wing Nuts
  • 4 Center Hole Washers, 1/4 Inch
  • 1 Plastic 2-Foot Long Rectangular Flower Planter Box
  • 1 Eyelet Screw
  • 1/4-Inch Drill Bit
  • 4 Wood Studs, 1 Inch By 3 Inches By 8 Feet
  • Tape Measure
  • 3 Self Tapping Phillips-Head Screws
  • Hand Saw Or A Skill Saw

Measure 3 inches from the top edge of three 8-foot long studs, and draw a line across each stud. Find the center of the line and make a mark. Drill a hole in each stud on the center mark. Measure 4 feet from the top of each of the studs and draw a line on the 1 inch side of each stud at the 4-foot mark. Make a center mark on the one inch line, and drill all the way through the wood. Label each these studs with the letter “A” and set the wood studs aside.

Take the remaining wood stud that has not been drilled, measure 3 feet from the top and cut. Set the remaining long pieces of that stud aside. You will not need it for the construction of this easel. Take the 3-foot cut board, and measure 4 inches from the end. Draw a line on the 4-inch side of the board. Do the same on the opposite end. Find the center of each of the 4 inch lines. Make a center mark on each end of the board. Drill a hole all the way through on each of the center marks. Label this stud “B”.

Take the studs labeled “A” and line up the 3-inch drilled holes at the top. Put a washer on the carriage bolt, thread the carriage bolt through the holes, put a washer on and then the wing nut. Only thread the nut a few turns. The bolt will need to be loose.

Stand up the studs and spread them out to form the tripod. Align the board labeled “B” up with the lower drilled holes on the front two “A” studs. You might have to spread the studs out a little bit for all of the drilled holes to line up correctly. Put a washer on each of the carriage bolts and tread them through each hole. Add washers to each bolt, and screw on the wing nuts. Tighten the wing nuts. On the backside of the board labeled “B,” measure the middle point between the two front “A” studs. Screw in the eyelet screw.

Cut a 3-foot piece of clothesline cord and tie a knot in on one end. Thread the clothesline through the hole in the back “A” stud. Pull it through the hole, and tie it onto the eyelet screw on the back of board “B.”

Take the flower planter box, and hold it up under the board labeled “B.” Use the self tapping screws to attach the planter box to each of the front two tripod legs.