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Casio Keyboard Stand Assembly Instructions

The Casio keyboard stand is an incredibly simple implement used by musicians to raise their electronic keyboards to a comfortable playing height. The stand is little more than two metal bars crossed with each other, with a a pair of feet bars to steady the stand on the floor and another smaller pair of bars on top of the stand across which the keyboard is laid. The stand can be set up in seconds and adjusted to where the keyboard is at the needed level for the height of the keyboardist.

Things You'll Need:

  • Nut
  • Allen Wrench
  • Bolt
  • Washer

Place the Casio keyboard stand on the floor so that the largest set of crossbars is on the bottom and the smaller set is on top.

Spread the two main bars apart until the stand is at the desired height.

Place the washer over the bolt, then insert the bolt through the hole in the center of the keyboard stand.

Place the nut over the end of the bolt, then tighten the nut. Once you can no longer hand-tighten the nut, use the Allen wrench to further tighten the bolt.

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