How to Build a Paladin in Median "Diablo 2"

Build a Paladin in Median

Although the Median mod for Diablo 2 changes all of the classes, perhaps the most drastic change of all is to the Paladin Class. Paladins must now choose between a Holy path and an Unholy path. As soon as you put a single point into one of those two skill trees, the other tree becomes entirely closed to you. This means that, more than ever, you'll want to plan your skills in advance

Decide whether you will be Holy or Unholy. Holy Paladins do more melee damage, while Unholy Paladins do more arcane damage.

Max out Dark King and put a few points in Shadowform to become Unholy. If you feel like casting lots of fast spells, max out the rest of the Arcane Strike tree. Otherwise, max out Mind Flay, Punisher and Slayer.

Max out Lionheart and Blessed Life if you are becoming Holy. Max out Holy Trap, Wrath, Retribute, and Ring of Light for a flaming Paladin, or max out Vessel of Judgment, Light and Shadow, and Vanquish if you want to fight hand to hand.

Split stat points between strength and dexterity for the first 10 levels. You shouldn't need any points in energy unless you are a flaming holy paladin. Once strength and dexterity are both in the 100s, add a few points to vitality each level.

Max out the uberskill if you reach level 90.


  • Since a paladin can only ever try half the available skills, build two!


  • Read over all of the skill descriptions before choosing a path, or you may be sorry later.