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How to Get a False Swipe in Fire Red

"False Swipe" is a useful attack that deals a large amount of damage, but always leaves the recipient with at least one hit point. This is critical for capturing wild Pokémon, as lower health makes them easier to catch but completely eradicating their health pool will cause them to faint. False Swipe is available to several creatures in the world of “Pokémon Fire Red,” though learning the move is a little different for each one.

Level certain Pokémon and they will learn False Swipe automatically. For example, Farfetch’d will learn it at level 46, Cubone at 33, Scyther at 16, Scizor at 16, Nincada at 25 and Zangoose at 55.

Breed Pokémon with a specific father and they will learn the ability at birth. Paras, Pinsir and Heracross will learn the ability if fathered by a Scyther, Scizor or Nincada, while Spearow, Seedot, and Mawile can learn it if fathered by a Farfetch’d.

Transfer the ability with a creature from another Pokémon title. Trade one of your Pokémon from “Ruby,” “Sapphire,” or “Emerald” that already knows the ability into your copy of “Fire Red” to receive the attack without the need for breeding or leveling.

Find a friend that is willing to trade one of his Pokémon to you. You will have to give up one of your Pokémon in exchange, but if someone you know already has a creature with False Swipe, a trade could save you some time.

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