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How to Build a Cardboard Go-Cart

Transform cardboard boxes into an awesome go-cart.
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Cardboard boxes are one of the world's great construction materials for kids. With a little time and imagination, kids can turn cardboard into just about anything. For kids who are into go-carts and cars, a large refrigerator box and a few other craft materials can easily become a model of a dream vehicle.

Things You'll Need:

  • Empty Cardboard Refrigerator Box
  • Scissors
  • Paper Plate
  • Paints In Assorted Colors
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Glue
  • Tape

Cut one of the long, rectangular panels off of the refrigerator box using the scissors. This should leave you with a box with three, long rectangular sides and two square end panels.

Lay the box on the ground so that the side with the missing panel is facing up. This will be the interior of your go-cart.

Tape the corners of the box securely so all the panels are fastened together and the cart will sit up by itself.

Trace the outline of a paper plate five times on the cardboard of the panel you cut off of the box. Use permanent marker.

Paint four of the circular outlines in the cardboard panel to look like tires. Paint the fifth outline to resemble a steering wheel. Allow the paint to dry.

Cut the four wheels and the steering wheel out of the cardboard panel.

Glue one of the four wheels to each corner of the cardboard box so that the wheels are aligned and resemble those of an actual go-cart.

Glue the steering wheel to the middle of one of the square end panels of the cardboard box. This end will now be the front of the go-cart.

Decorate your go-cart using the paints. Design headlights, a grill and a bumper on the front end and tail lights and a bumper for back end. Paint on doors and add a color scheme and other details to your liking.


  • Paint and glue can stain carpets and floors. Either place a drop cloth under your working area or build your cardboard go-cart outside.
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