How to Build a Cardboard Box Car

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box
  • scissors
  • Markers
  • Paints
  • Brushes

A cardboard box car is a great toy for make-believe games. Kids can pretend to chase bad guys, take trips to far-off places, or simply drive around doing the things their parents do. With proper supervision, even young kids can help draw the doors, wheels and other parts of a cardboard box car. And when the kids are all done playing, the car can be easily pushed into the corner out of the way.

Get a good-sized cardboard box, such as a computer or TV box. If you get a refrigerator box, you can make a car big enough for several kids.

Turn the box on its side and cut a rectangle in the side, which is now on top. You should cut a cockpit near the back so that a child can sit in it with his back against his wall and his feet on imaginary pedals.

Make a toy steering wheel. One easy way to do this is to draw a wheel on a paper plate. Cut a hole in the middle of it and another hole in the top of the car. Tie a string through both to fasten the paper plate wheel to the car. The kid can now turn the wheel and pretend to drive but is not likely to accidentally lose it.

Draw doors and wheels on the side of the car with a thick permanent marker. You can also draw out headlights, tail lights and any other details you want on the car.

Give the car a paint job. Color in between the marker lines with either markers or poster paint.


  • It's easy to give a cardboard box car working headlights. Cut holes in the front where the headlights would be and keep a flashlight in the car. When your kid wants to turn on the lights, she can simply turn on the flashlight and leave it pointing forward.