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How to Build a Belt Buckle Rack

Display belt buckles in a homemade shadow bow shelf.
belt image by palms from Fotolia.com

The many styles, sizes and shapes of belt buckles make an interesting display within a bedroom or other area of the home. Move a collection of belt buckles from dresser drawers or out of the closet and display them in a creative manner for easy accessibility. The display may even become a topic of conversation if you place it in a family room or den. You can make the display from small shadow box frames but the size is limited only by the wall space and the number of belt buckles you have to display.

Display belt buckles in a homemade shadow bow shelf.
belt image by palms from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Painter'S Masking Tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Yardstick
  • Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers
  • Hammer
  • 9, 3-Inch By 4-Inch Square-Edge Shadow Box Frames
  • Strap Clamp

Remove the glass from the 3 by 4-inch shadow box frames.

Lay the nine shadow box frames on a flat surface arranging them in a three-row-by-three-row cube. Lay the frames so they are touching one another. Mark the outside edges of the shadow box frames with a piece of masking tape to show which way to put the frames back together.

Sand each side of the shadow box picture frames that do not have a piece of masking tape. Sand off the finish of the frame to help the glue adhere.

Place a liberal layer of wood glue on the sanded surfaces. Put the cube of frames back in their original positions.

Place a strap clamp around the outside edge of the three-by-three cube. Pull the strap clamp tight. Let dry for 24 hours before removing.

Turn the completed cube over. Nail two sawtooth picture hangers along the top of cube. Place the hangers ¼-inch down from the top edge and 8 inches apart.

Hang the finished belt buckle rack on the wall. Sit a belt buckle inside each frame. Place the belt buckle at an angle, leaning the back of the buckle against the back of the frame. The small lip on the front of each frame will prevent the buckle from sliding out of the holder.


Adjust the size of the shadow box frames to accommodate the belt buckle size. Follow the same process. Add more sections by adding enough frames to keep the integrity of a square- or rectangular-shaped display case.

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