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How to Build a '50s Style Diner Booth

Neon signs can be used to recreate a '50s style diner.
classic car neon sign image by MAXFX from Fotolia.com

You may want to build your own '50s style diner booth to brighten your kitchen or game room, or you may be planning to give your cafe or restaurant a '50s theme. In 1950s America many diners were inspired by the glamorous style of the dining cars on railway trains. These dining cars generally consisted of a number of individual booths. Nowadays, '50s diner decor is considered retro and is still a popular theme for diners.

Things You'll Need:

  • Mini Jukebox
  • Stapler
  • Napkin Dispenser
  • Vinyl Fabric
  • Tiles
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Sugar Dispenser
  • Salt Shaker
  • Pepper Shaker
  • Neon Sign
  • Tape Measure
  • Paint
  • Ketchup Bottle

Tile the floor using black and white or red and black tiles, placed alternatively to create a checked effect.

Purchase two retro style diner benches online. Alternatively, you can make your own benches by measuring the proportions of a kitchen chair, including the length from the floor to the seat, from the floor to the top of the backrest, and the length from the front of the seat to the back. Begin by constructing a cube-shaped frame for the base of each seat using pieces of strong wood that match the required measurements. Cover each side of the cubical base with a sheet of medium density fiberboard. Attach a plank of wood to two corners of each bench to support the backrest. Place another sheet of medium density fiberboard across the back of the bench.

Cover the seats and backrests of homemade benches with vinyl fabric, and pad the seats with foam for a retro '50s style diner bench. Secure the material using a stapler. Paint the base of each bench in your desired color. Choose retro color combinations such as black and white or red and black. Position the benches opposite one another to form a booth and place a table between them.

Add details such as a mini jukebox, which you can place on the table alongside a ketchup bottle, a napkin dispenser, a sugar dispenser and salt and pepper shakers. A retro neon sign can also be hung up to add to the diner theme.

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