How to Boost the Volume for a PS3

The PlayStation 3 is a gaming console with different features such as Netflix and online multiplayer gaming. The volume setting on your console can directly affect the user experience. If you have a low volume setting on your PlayStation 3, you can boost it internally through the interface controls. You don’t need an external amplifier to boost the volume on your console. You can do it straight through the user interface.

Boot your PS3 from the power button on the front of the console below the BluRay drive. Wait for the PS3 to boot into the log in screen. Press the "PS" button on the middle of your PS3 controller. Wait for the four blinking lights to flash three times. When the controller has connected to the PS3, the red light will appear on the front of the controller in the "1" position. This means the controller is connected to the PS3.

Use the joystick on the PS3 controller to navigate through the home menu. You will see "Settings," "Video," "Pictures," "Music" and "PlayStation Network" in addition to other options. Go to the "Video" or "Music" entry. Press the "X" button on your PS3 controller to enter into the selection. Choose your video or music that you want to play and then press the "X" button again. This will take you into Playback mode. Playback mode is the mode that your PS3 is in while it is playing music or a video on the console.

Press the “Select” button on your controller to enter the Control Panel. There will be three rows of icons in the Control Panel. This will allow you to fast forward, rewind or pause your video or music. Go to the music note symbol on the Control Panel menu. This is located on the top left hand side of the top row.

Press the “X” button to select the icon. Press your joystick to the right to boost the volume. You will be see the volume slider go forward on the menu as the volume is adjusting. Press your joystick to the left to decrease the volume. Get your volume to an acceptable level and then press the "X" button to save the volume.

Press the “Select” button again to exit the menu.