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How to Blow into Wind Instruments

Wind Instruments

Things You'll Need:

  • A wind instrument of any kind
  • Mouth with both lips, and teeth, or dentures

Have you ever wondered how to blow into a tuba, or saxophone? Well, I'm here to help you with everything. It's not simple though. Just grab an instrument, and sit back, and relax.


If you have an instrument with a reed, which is a flat piece of wood on the mouth piece, please skip to steps . If you have an instrument with a circle for a mouth piece, please read steps 2-4. NOTICE: I am not teaching you how to play these instruments, just how to blow into them. Thank You.

Circle Mouthpiece

Now, if your instrument has a circle for the mouth piece, please read the following:

Nice and Snug!

To blow into this instrument, put your mouth inside the circle, nice and snug!

Vibrating Lips!

Now, vibrate your lips by keeping your lips together and blowing, keeping your lips as thin, stiff, and together as possible. You will notice that this makes a sound like a fart. Usually when people notice this, they usually uncurl their bottom lip. DO NOT DO SO! Also, when you are blowing into this instrument, do not let your cheeks inflate. If you do this, this could cause damage to your jaw. So, remember, don't be a Louis Armstrong! Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DBurO6Xqeo

Reed & Ligature

Hello, to all you reeds! Grab your instrument, and let's get moving! Just make sure that your ligature is strapped down on you reed.

No Image

First, put your lip on the reed. DO NOT BITE DOWN ON REED! The reed is very expensive.

No Image

Next, bite down on the top of your mouth piece gently, but remember: DO NOT BITE DOWN THE REED!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Now, gently close your lips around the mouthpiece of your instrument and blow hard. If you blow soft, nothing will happen. Have fun playing!

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