How to Become a Rapper in 6 Months

We hear them everyday one the radio or on a TV commercial, rapping and rhyming there way to the bank. Nowadays the songs not cool unless it has a rap in it, lets face it, it seems its the single most effective way to get your message across when dealing with the new generation. Well don't get left behind, If you follow these steps below, stay focused, and don't give up you can be rapping like the pros in just 6 short months.

First, you need to find the beat. You need to get your timing down. when listening to music forget about the guitar and the keyboard and start focusing on the drums. When you're in your car on the way to work just start bopping your head to the beat, you can even tap your finger on the dashboard if that helps. Become one with the beat, listen to lots of the more rhythmic styles music such as R&B,Latin,Rap,Jazz. Start dancing. If you're afraid of being seen wait till no one's around and dance, dance ,dance, as you listen to the music count out the rhythm 1-2-3-4,1-2-3-4,1-2-3-4, you should be able to stomp your foot on 1 and snap your finger on 2 at a steady pace without missing a beat.

Once you're rhythm becomes second nature you're going to need to start a rhyme book. write down as many common everyday words you can think of and right next to them write down a word that rhymes with it. Such as, book-look, fine-wine, day-pay, boss-toss. Start talking in ryhmes if someone ask you a question try to rhyme out your answer. If you ask someone a question, rap it out. Just get funky with your speech, before you know it you'll be ryhming without reason.

Next, you'll need a look and a name. Look around at the other rappers and do the opposite, everyone's looking for the next big fashion statement, Try something new. Instead of wearing your pants sagging down how about just eliminating the pants altogether and just wearing your boxers, whatever you decide just strive be creative. when looking for a name find something that sounds cool when its abbreviated like T.I., how about cray-z or who-i-b, or how about calling your self Onion-Ring.

Last get yourself some exposure, Just get out there and make a fool of yourself, everyone needs a laugh. Don't take yourself so serious you're just honing your craft. participate in talent shows and live mike nights to get yourself seen, you never no who's watching. Just remember if your good it'll show, if you stink it'll show even more but at least you can say you tried and when its all said and done if someone ask you have you ever took a chance on something you can reply Yeeeeah Boyeeeee!

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