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How to Write Subliminal Messages

Use subliminal messaging to make positive changes in your life.
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A subliminal message bypasses the conscious mind, traveling directly to the subconscious level. Because the subconscious mind is not able to judge or distinguish right from wrong as does the conscious mind, it is important to write your subliminal message in a positive, productive manner. Subliminal suggestion is a powerful tool, used for personal development. Whether you want to gain confidence, quit smoking or lose weight, writing your own subliminal message correctly will help to eliminate negativity from your subconscious, making your goal achievable.

Write a Positive Message

Think about a goal you wish to achieve through the help of subliminal messaging.

Eliminate as much negativity as possible from your thoughts.

Write the message in the first person, as if you are having a conversation with yourself; use "I" or "me."

Keep the message positive. Consider, for example, "I am happy today" versus "I do not want to be unhappy today." While the conscious mind views these two statements as having one meaning, the subconscious mind focuses on the negative words ("not" and "unhappy") of the second statement. "I am happy" is a positive message.

Read your subliminal message each day. Soon your conscious mind will believe what your subconscious mind already knows--that you can achieve your goal.

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