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How to Become a Nude Model

Artists often hire models to pose for them, particularly artists who draw or paint. Sometimes these models are required to pose nude, which is not sexual so much as it is an exploration of the human form. Models do not have to be thin to be considered a good model, but they do have to be flexible and creative.

Take a yoga class or practice stretching at home. Dance also can help you to become strong and limber.

Practice posing in front of a mirror; come up with 10 poses (gestures) that you can hold still in for at least one minute. Come up with additional poses that you can hold for two minutes, five minutes and up to 30 minutes.

Practice stillness. You should be able to move into a pose and hold it for the required amount of time without adjusting or fidgeting.

Study art and life by looking at art to find poses that are interesting or alive and by watching people go about their everyday lives. Mimic poses you see in real life, from looking over your shoulder to reaching for a high shelf.

Contact art schools to let them know that you are a model and are available. Send photos if possible.

Create business cards and leave them with artists. Leave several cards, and ask the artist to share them with friends.


  • Work with other models to determine how you can work or pose together. When you work as a team, you save the artists time that they would otherwise have had to spend finding two models who could pose well together.
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