How to Be Funny Without Telling Jokes

Be Funny Without Telling Jokes

How to Be Funny Without Telling Jokes. Everyone loves a good joke. However, there's more to humor than punch lines. If you're able to find the humor in any situation or the humorous side of your own faults, you can make people laugh. So toss the joke book, develop other areas of your humor and leave 'em rolling in the aisles.

Make fun of yourself. Talk about your own shortcomings in a humorous way. You can be funny without hurting anyone's feelings. Self-deprecating humor is a great way to be funny without telling jokes.

Tell funny stories. Make even the most mundane story funny by injecting humor. Exaggerate minute details. Even a boring trip to the grocery store can be made funny by emphasizing the most ridiculous parts of the story.

Inject quips into your everyday speech. Quoting material like movie lines and one-liners from stand-up comedians is okay, but it's best to use lesser-known material.

Use physical humor. Pratfalls, props and exaggerated body language are all humorous when used appropriately. Visual aids leave a lasting impression on people's minds.


Do not resort to pointing out the faults in others to draw a laugh. Even if it's meant to be funny, you'll end up hurting someone's feelings rather than being humorous. Don't overuse borrowed quips or stories. At some point, people might think you aren't funny on your own. Develop your own style and humor.

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