How to Be a Class Act Stand-up Comedian

Things You'll Need

  • You
  • Makeshift audience
  • Confidence
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Creativity

You know deep down you are creative funny but the only problem is the delivery of your funny bone to an unforgiving audience. Even though your jokes are Ronald Reagan style classic one-liners, how you deliver them to the rapturous amusement of the audience is another thing. Read on to learn how to be a class act stand-up comedian.

First of all rehearse your act invite first relatives or friends as your audience and then start your routine. Such an exercise ensures you are first and foremost comfortable facing an audience and you get honest opinions and reaction from good close friends or relatives.

Start your act by getting used to the stage you can walk around to calm your nervous nerves with the microphone. Avoid seeming confused.

Don't go directly and formally attack your comic material like "Good evening audience I heard of this man who told the doctor to scan his anatomy and the doctor misheard him anesthetized him and gave him a vasectomy instead." Then tell the audience "it's funny." If you are spared of stoning you won't be spared of thrown rotten eggs and bad language aimed at you.

Instead just ease into the audience like I do for instance "How many of you attend family re-unions by a show of hands, wow only five out of 2000 here tonight, OK then how many of you dread family reunions its sure is a Nixon landslide. My mother and relatives one time at a family gathering, asked me what I was doing with my life, I told them I am stand up comic and they sneered at me and almost walked away never taking me seriously until I told them I earn and how much, they almost suffocated me with deceptive hugs."

With such an easing fun opening you can now start delving into the comic material you had practiced earlier. The key to effective comic delivery is funny creativity as a gift confidence and being you.

You are always welcome to change direction as per how you gauge the audience if you notice the father in law jokes are tiring them, move over to another theme like "Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson are considering running for congress. Imagine Mike Tyson as the senate majority leader, no liberal senator who likes to avoid a black eye and a bitten ear like plague is going to oppose Bush tax cuts." Be flexible don't always stick to the book in stand up. Humor is all over look around and you may find something funny to make fun of and amuse your audience.

Once the audience starts to like your comedy take a breather, with the audience how you start your comedy routine is the one that makes or breaks your show. Hold the audience captive at the start, and you got them all the way.

I know you will derive satisfaction performing the comedy and sure after the show the audience will give you a standing ovation. Go for it and don't fear if you fail the first time be encouraged you will do a better job next time. Ask God for confidence on stage.


  • Say a prayer to God for confidence and you are good to go. Always make use of the stage don't stand frozen in one spot, it would seem like you are trying not to forget the lines.


  • Don't be a stand up comic if your passion is not there. Avoid attacking members of the audience by their weight, race, color or looks. Plus don't attack religions in your jokes. Don't get too near the edge of the ramp you may fall off the stage and its no laughing matter. Don't wear tight or heavy clothes you could be uncomfortable and vomit or faint on stage. Don't laugh at your own jokes it exhibits lack of professionalism.