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How to Attach Notes in Balloons for a Husband's Birthday

A note attached to the inside of a balloon is intriguing because its unexpected and looks difficult to accomplish. In actuality, its a fairly simple task. Balloon stretchers can be purchased in party stores or online that hold the mouth of a balloon open while you place objects inside. Although this tool does make the process easier, its not necessary. You can achieve the same results using items found around the home.

Things You'll Need:

  • White Paper
  • Rubber Bands
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Jar
  • Permanent Black Marker

Write out what you want to say in your note on a scrap piece of paper. For example, if you have secret plans for your husband's birthday celebration, you could write a riddle that provides a clue about what the surprise is. Alternatively, you could write a love note letting your husband know how much he mean to you or a list of 100 reasons why you love him.

Write the note you will be sticking in the balloon on a piece of white paper with a thick black marker. The contrast between the white and the black and the thickness of the marker will make the note easier to read.

Hold the mouth of the balloon while allowing the rest of it to fall inside a jar with an opening just large enough for your hand to fit through. Its important that you buy a thick, high quality balloon so that it does not break.

Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the lip of the jar. You may want to wear gloves while you do this because the tugging of the balloon can hurt the hands. If you do, wear rubber gloves so the balloon doesn't slip through your hands.

Secure the mouth of the balloon over the lip of the jar with a couple of tight rubber bands.

Hold a small piece of double-sided tape between your fingers while you push your fingers inside the balloon. This will prevent the tape from sticking to the balloon while inserting it, which could lead to rips.

Release one finger from the double sided tape near the area that you want the note appear and push your other finger, the one still stuck to the tape, against the inside of the balloon.

Roll the note up so that it is easy to slide inside the balloon without removing your finger from the tape.

Unroll the note once it is inside of the balloon.

Gently remove your finger from the tape without removing it from the balloon, making sure the other side of the balloon does not stick to the tape.

Push the front of the note against the tape.

Flatten out the note as best as you can.

Remove the balloon from the jar.

Blow up the balloon. Avoid blowing it up too much because the tension will start tugging at the tape which could cause the balloon to pop.

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