How to Make Soda-Drinking Hats

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Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape
  • Craft stick
  • Soda can
  • Scissors
  • Baseball hat (optional)
  • Hard hat (optional)
  • Plastic tubing
  • Binder clips

When you wear a soda-drinking hat you won’t have to choose between a trip to the concession stand and watching the most important play of the game. Your soda will be attached to your hat, sitting in holders, on each side of your head, and your favorite flavor will be delivered to your taste buds via a long plastic tube straw. Some people make the cup holders of socks, but duct tape is preferable because it is tough and durable and will not stretch and rip and flop around like socks.

Tape a craft stick running vertically to the side of a soda can to slightly and temporarily increase the circumference of the can. Cut an 11-inch strip of duct tape and place it sticky-side-down on the work surface. Set the soda can down on the center of the duct tape. Pull the strip of duct tape up along the sides of the can and wrap the roll of duct tape, sticky-side-out, around the can. Wrap the entire outside of the can and cut the duct tape. Cut another 11-inch strip of duct tape and place it sticky-side-up on the work surface. Set the soda can down on the center of the duct tape, so the second 11-inch strip of duct tape covers the first 11-inch strip of duct tape. Stick the strip of duct tape up along the sides of the can. Wrap the roll of duct tape, sticky-side-in. around the can until all sticky surfaces of tape are covered and cut the duct tape from the roll. Repeat to create a second can holder.

Remove the can from the holder and remove the craft stick from the can. Staple the can holders to the sides of the baseball hat. Alternatively, leave the cans in the holders until after you duct tape the holders securely to the hard hat.

Place an end of the clear plastic tubing inside the cup holder, being sure to reach the bottom of the cup holder, and duct tape the tubing or straw to the top of the hat. Run the tubing around to your mouth and cut the straw at a comfortable length. Attach a binder clip a few inches from the end of the tubing for convenience, so you will be able to stop the flow of liquid and clip the straw out of the way. Repeat the tubing process for the other cup holder.


  • Use duct tape in your favorite team's colors or printed with your team logo.


  • Only adults should use sharp scissors.


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