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Homemade Glitter Wands

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Glitter wands are small, childproof tubes that contain liquid and glitter. They can be made as a science project for younger children or simply as a recreational pastime. Glitter wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though the most popular shape is a small glitter-filled tube without ribbons, stars or anything extra added.

Prepare the Tube

Take aquarium tubing and measure about one foot, using a ruler or measuring tape. One foot is a good length for the wand because shorter wands may not allow enough space for the glitter to move around and longer wands might be too large for a small child. Use a black marker to draw black lines where the measurements are. Cut along the black lines. You should now have one foot of aquarium tube. Seal off one end of the tube using a cork. Use a hot glue gun to seal the area around the cork in order to be sure that there will be no leaks.

Add Liquid and Glitter

One of the more appealing aspects about glitter wands is the interesting way in which the liquid and glitter moves around inside the wand. To accomplish this effect, mix oil and water in a small plastic bowl. Because oil and water do not mix, they will create air bubbles and similar effects which many children seem to enjoy. Add glitter to a bowl and stir with a spoon for approximately three minutes. Place a funnel on the open end of the tube. Using the funnel, pour the liquid and glitter mixture into the tube. Make sure to hold the tube in place to avoid any liquid spilling out.

Properly Seal the Tube

Seal the open end of the tube in the same way in which you sealed the other end. Test the wand to be sure that no liquid comes out from either end. If liquid is coming out, wipe off the areas of the wand that are wet with a dry washcloth and add additional hot glue to the area around the cork. The two corks in the ends of the wand probably look rather unappealing to a child. You can cover the corks with colored duct tape which can be purchased at many arts and crafts stores. Select the color that you want and place the duct tape over the cork to cover it.

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