How to Attach a Corsage to a Beaded Bracelet

Flowers and jewelry make for an eye-catching, feminine accessory.
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Always a lovely alternative to pinned corsages, wrist corsages are elevated to a true fashion accessory when they are paired with beaded bracelets. The bracelets themselves are pretty enough to wear alone. But when they are attached to a winsome rose or daisy and adorned with baby’s breath, the result can be breathtaking.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Fastener
  • Floral Wire
  • Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Hot-Glue Gun
  • Floral Stem Tape

Wrap the stem of flower with floral stem tape. Hold the tape still and spin the flower until the stem is covered and reinforced from top to bottom.

Wrap the end of the ribbon that came with your corsage through a secure point in the beaded bracelet.

Cut a piece of floral wire and wrap it several times around the base of the flower corsage. Thread the wire through the bracelet and knot it several times.

Cut a small piece of fabric fastener and attach it to the stem and then to the bracelet. If time allows, spray-paint the white piece of fabric fastener first so that it doesn’t stand out amid the flower corsage and bracelet.

Hot-glue the ribbon, wire or fabric fastener to the beaded bracelet for optimal support.


  • If you hot-glue the corsage to the bracelet, you may not be able to dislodge the flower later – or else the bracelet may be marred.