How to Assemble a Q Snap Quilt Frame

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Ever since people started stitching three layers of fabric together to make a quilt, they have been searching for just the right frame to hold the layers together during the process. The Q Snap frame has emerged as an industry leader because of its light weight and ease of assembly. According to the Q Snap Corporation, no tools are necessary. The frame just snaps together.

Wash the frame pieces with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Take the two longer pieces with the clamp attached and snap a 3-way elbow on at each end.

Snap the two shorter pieces with the clamp attached into an elbow from Step 2, to form a square.

Slip the "T" fitting onto the two pieces that measure 23-7/8 inches.

Take the longest piece and snap it into the "T" fitting on each side.

Clamp the legs onto the remaining elbow joint from the top square that you assembled in Step 3.

Add 2-way elbows at the end of each foot.

Clamp the two pieces with the "T" fitting into the other end of the foot elbow.


  • This frame only works with regular batting. Fat batts are too thick for the clamps to hold.

    It is advised that the clamps be removed when not in use.


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