How to Appreciate Art

How to Appreciate Art. Stretch your cultural education by becoming an art enthusiast. Many times you've heard friends exclaim over an art house film they saw or a painting they enjoyed and you've wondered what the attraction was for them. Now you can learn to appreciate art and join in the conversations. You just might find that art changes the way you see the world.

Check out your local art scene to get a sense of what's available. Browse through the arts section of the newspaper for reviews and calendar listings to see what's going on around you. Numerous gallery events, museum shows, performances and tours are available in most areas. Pick two or three to attend with a friend.

Look for art that you immediately love or that makes you wonder. Ask questions of the people who work at the event to become better educated about what you're seeing. Discuss the art with your companions or other attendees to see what they think and then try to form your own opinion.

Focus on one of the types of art and become an expert. Find out about popular artists in that genre from friends and books. Attend lectures or classes and get to know the other people who attend, sharing your common interest in the field.

Hold gatherings at your house with others who appreciate the type of art you're interested in. Schedule your party for a time when your guests can take in a show or performance first, then head to your house for lively discussions and refreshments afterward.

Use your entertainment budget to support your selected art. Attend galas and fundraisers or volunteer to assist at future events. You'll find that your life as a patron of the arts fulfills your inner muse, even if you're not an artist yourself.


Explore all the arts, not just print. Dance, photography, film, architecture and theater can also be your focus when you are learning to appreciate art.


Don't be an art snob. Know that others will not always share your taste in art and that's OK.

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