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How to Adjust PS3 Settings to Improve Netflix

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Streaming Netflix to your TV using your PlayStation 3 is not difficult, but optimizing your settings can ensure you have the best possible experience. Optimization will require tailoring the display settings for your personal setup -- determined by your TV and Internet connection -- so that you can best adjust the resolution and steaming quality.

Adjusting PS3 Resolution

Your PS3 can display video at various resolutions, which allows you to tune the resolution to match your TV's native settings. Go to the Settings heading on the home menu and scroll down to "Display Settings." The "Video Output Settings" option will launch a wizard that will walk you through configuring your settings based on the type of cable connecting the PS3 to the TV and a few other factors. Make sure that by the end, the output resolution is set to your TV's native resolution: If your TV can only handle 720p, don't have the setting at 1080p.

Optimizing Stream Quality

Optimizing your stream's quality will also benefit your Netflix experience. Go to the Netflix website on your computer and go to the settings menu, where you can customize your streaming data usage under the "Playback Settings" option. By default, these are set to "Auto," which changes your playback quality based on available bandwidth. You can change this setting to one of the other options to fit your Internet connection's speed, so you can strike the best balance between picture quality and stream speed. The better your connection, the higher you can set this option.

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