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How to Add Ribbon to a Wedding Program

Ushers hand out wedding programs before the ceremony.
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The program is an important part of any wedding — they list the ceremony's order of events and identify the wedding party for guests. Wedding programs can be single sheets or small booklets. Ribbon adds a touch of color to either style of program. You can easily add a ribbon as long as you have a hole puncher, ribbon of an appropriate color and your programs.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Programs
  • Ribbon

Choose a color of ribbon that either complements or matches your program's ink color. For example, if your program is written is dark blue ink, use a matching dark blue ribbon. Alternatively, use a yellow or red ribbon, two colors that complement blue. A third option is to make the ribbon one of your wedding colors. Just make sure it doesn't clash too violently with the colors on your program. If you're unsure what colors go together, consult a color wheel.

Buy ribbon from a local craft store or online. If you purchase online, be aware that your monitor settings can alter the appearance of the ribbon's color.

Buy a hole puncher from an office supply store if you don't already have one. Decide where on the program you want your ribbon to be.

For single-sheet programs, consider punching two holes at the top of the program, one on the left side and one on the right. This placement lets you tie the ribbon in a bow at the top of the program. Another option is to punch one hole on the upper left or right hand side of the program, and then punch a second hole diagonally across from it. When inserted, the ribbon then lies diagonally across the upper part of the program.

If your program is a folded piece of paper creating a booklet, make two holes along the folded spine of the program. Ribbon inserted into these holes will run along the spine of the program. The ribbon ties outside the spine so the programs can close easily.

Insert the ribbon into the holes. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Use scissors to cut the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.


  • Tying ribbon can be time consuming, so make sure you start your project at least a few days before your wedding and consider asking friends to help. Make sure your ribbon is made of fabric that knots well and isn't too slick to grip easily.
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